Walk with Sound

Says it all on the tin really.

Thank you random dude in Scotland who so kindly recorded his footsteps going up and down a gravel path, and the equally kind person who recorded the sounds of the birds in their garden.

God knows I if I tried that, it’d be a mix of the crows, and some four letter words that even I won’t say, drifting in from the not so kind folk living next door.

I added the sound in ToonBoom which may not have been the best idea, given that apparently I could not get it to animate and play sound at the same time. Next time I’ll go back to my trusty old friend premiere and chuck it in there.

(really the hardest bit about this was working out how to make those damn background elements scroll properly. Who would have thought that to get a tween to work in TB that you’d have to move layers with the transform tool instead of the select tool?)


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