Realities of Real Time

Okay, so once again I’m going to wrench this sucker around to something that I find relevant so here goes. 2D in realtime.

I’m going to be totally honest and admit that ten minutes into reading things about real time and rendering and all that I went totally crosseyed and felt like I needed a good stiff drink. I felt like that one time, back in highschool where I somehow ended up in a programming class and knew that I was in waaaaaaaaaay over my head.

However more googling with an eye to staying away from the techno-nerds (all respect to the techno-nerds, but I speak French better than I speak that language, and believe me, I know about twenty words of French, and most of them are rude)

So, apparently I have already made assets for real time environments by making stuff for the games guys. Cool. This tri’s work was environments and whatnot, as already posted here and the stuff I did last tri with the Fallout Shelter knockoffs.

So instead of repeating that for the sake of it, I thought I’d look into how I could make these 2D elements look better for next time. Because really, I had no idea what I was doing except for; make it look pretty, I just took the specs from the people who did.

Firstly, apparently, my new favourite program (man I should be getting paid for all the spruiking I’m doing) apparently exports rigged characters straight from it to Unity which is super nice of it. I can’t link to the actual video itself, so the one in question is middle, second row from the bottom and looks pretty cool. It actually makes me want to try it which is something of an achievement.

There’s also apparently no standard size that assets should be which is also annoying but makes sense – it’s all highly dependent on the size style and programming of the game in question. Which yeah, of course self, you wouldn’t want to be making a pixel art background at 5000 pixels

(Well maybe you do, but there’s ways and means around that)

There’s some handy info out there, about best practices when working with studios, some of which is common sense (never, ever merge anything down or otherwise make it hard to change. It’s so much easier to change a colour somewhere if all you have to do is literally fill a layer with a colour, PNGS and transparency are your friends, etc etc)

Poking around on the Unity store is pretty damn useful too, just looking at the assets people have up for sale is pretty informative (and inspiring too – one more place to maybe make a few $$ once I get better at this kind of thing) . It seems the best thing to do is keep the palette unified (something I knew from digital painting) and keep all elements as separate as possible for maximum versatility.

So while I still don’t know much about the mechanics of actual real time, and zero on how to stick 3D in there somewhere, I now know enough at least, to be able to make 2D assets with a lot more confidence.


(not mentioned but really goddamn cool)!/content/36706–vector-20104


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