On problem solving …

Aka, wow Kate, you really fucked up this time didn’t you?

The answer to that oh so self-reflecty question is, of course, yes.  How I managed to screw up quite this badly is an entire other question of course, and one that I’m not really sure I know the answer to.

Some of it was my usual inability to manage time well, but damn, I’m kind of used to that by now? I’ve got enough workarounds that this still shouldn’t have happened. Part was definitely that Christmas time, seasonal work and a buttload of creative uni work is never, ever a good combination. When faced with the potential to make money, and a project that I’m stuck on and am woefully behind on, well, I pick the option where the hardest thing I’ll have to do for a few hours is teach a few newbies how to do returns.

(Or y’know, wrangle the apparently evil portable POS but that’s neither relevant, nor a problem for me. The portable POS is my bff)

On the bright side though, I actually made enough money in one paycheck to pay tax, and that is something that hasn’t happened in literally a year. That’s got to be a plus right?

The other part was that probably I spent way too much time researching and doing concept stuff that I left precisely zero time to get anything useful and tangible done.

Problems one and three are fairly easily solved by the usual upping the ante of the time management and organisational skills, and being a leeeetle bit better at realising that no, you don’t need to draw and colour twenty five different outfit options for that character, especially when you pretty much know what you want her to look like, and resisting the urge to fall down that rabbit hole.

Problem two naturally resolves itself every January (and expensively, given that I work in a stationary store and love back to school season…) and unfortunately better solutions aren’t really forthcoming. Not working those hours is literally not an option at all, better jobs are…let’s say scarce, and just as problematic while studying, and my favoured solution of just goddamn winning the lottery already is still as elusive as ever.

Other non-animation problems include oh my god who picked three 8.30 am starts which was resolved with ridiculous amounts of coffee, insane neighbours preventing the neighbourhood from sleeping for oh, six months? which was resolved with a rather spectacularly loud arrest (sadly the problem of living in the shitty part of the neighbourhood is rather dependant on point two above) and thankfully my brother has moved on from Dad’s Army to classic Doctor Who which is a massive improvement.

Actual animation-y problems were again, scarce on the field, riiiight up until the point where some fool – yours truly – decided  that the best course of action was to start animating in a whole new program that they’d never used before.

I’m not actually sure that’s not part of my asshole brain’s delaying tactics to be perfectly honest. I try not to go poking around in there too much.

While I’m still not entirely sure what exactly some of the things in there do though, and it’s funny that while I dislike flash (You did know that right? Pretty sure I’ve never brought it up, ad nauseam to the point where you all have a drinking game about me – wait, do you?) I’ve memorised all the shortcuts to the point where it’s actively annoying that they don’t do the thing in ToonBoom, holy shit, I am very happy that I downloaded it and tried it. Most of the problems I’ve had so far have been eminently fixable just by googling.

The only other other problem I really had was that my portable hard drive has been uh, less than cooperative of late. Fixable only by buying a new one (and hey who doesn’t want two terabytes of space)

This time however, it’s going to be set up from the start to play nice with mac and windows and more importantly, this time, I’m not just going to yank it out when I’m done with it. Actual proper ejecting the disk it’s going to be from now on.





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