On Hades, Persephone and the Prohibition

Or where instead of discussing concept art and what I did, I write far too much on the subject of the 1920s.

Because when it comes to one of my favourite (okay, fine THE favourite) time periods for fashion, I tend to go a leeeetle bit off the rails.

When we were given the brief for this project, I didn’t want to go down the route of Gods in Spaaaaaaaace, partly because it’s a lot more difficult to work out how to do that without essentially just giving the Master Chief a lighting bolt and calling him Zeus, but mostly because I wanted an excuse to draw a bunch of pretty dresses.

thumbnails all

(not gonna lie – this is a momentous occasion. I never thumbnail things, I just draw the first thing that pops into my head and go with that, regardless of how much better I could have made it with a wee bit of concepting. Progress, perhaps?)

Percy Iterations. Technically the dress should not be that short at this time (hemlines did not get that high until ~1928-9 and even then, the US was somewhat behind Europe, fashion wise and was always a leetle bit more conservative), and there probably wouldn’t be that much cleavage on display  (sure, necklines got that low, but there was always some fleshtoned fabric helping to stabilise it as well as maintain a modicum of modesty, but hell, she’s a Greek goddess, we’ll cut her some slack)

I also wanted to keep some elements of the original myth in there too, so I ended up making the dress a dark pomegranate red and added some (!) wheat motifs in there to symbolise the fact that she was originally  – and the daughter of – an agricultural goddess. I also ended up changing her hair after this, going for a more stereotypical 1920’s Louise Brooks bob.

hades outfitsmalfoyhadeshades coloured

Hades Concepts. Men’s clothing just isn’t as much fun, though I swear this is the dudeliest dude i’ve ever managed to draw.

(guess what I’ll be practicing over the break)

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to colour hades, I originally tried to make him pale, given that he’s the god of the Underworld and probably doesn’t get out in the sun much, but then well, he either looked a bit too goth for like Draco Malfoy for my tastes, so I went with a normal but slightly desaturated skintone for him instead, which I liked better. I kept with the colder colours for his clothing ,and gave him a small death’s head lapel pin to continue on with the symbolism. With a bit more time and research, I’d like to give that waistcoat a brocade with little elements from myth just to keep it going that little bit more.

hades and percy shootout - small.png

Lastly, a more dynamic shot of the pair. I wanted to do a full scene in the bar/club with the pair dancing, but y’know, time and all that, so I went with a slightly Tintin esque shootout scene.

I have no idea how Hades manages to look like Jack from Titanic, but here we are. It’s been a while since I tried cel-shading and I forgot how much I hate doing it, but again, I think it could have turned out much worse than it does. I changed up Percy’s hair and outfit a bit – I love her dresses, but it’s much easier to go into gangland war-fare wearing something a bit more practical. I kept the original colour theme though, and slapped those wheat motifs right back on there.

For a project I started just to have an excuse to draw pretty dresses, I’m pretty happy with the ideas I came up with, if not the execution of such. I’m definitely planning on storing this one away to do a proper project for in the future, possibility as a comic, ala Lackadaisy? Should be fun






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