Cross Discipline with the Games Students (again)

Ah now this, this is is the kind of group work I like. Games student (Hayden again, from last tri!) posts very specific list of things they want, I pick up project and fulfil very specific list, assets get made, and everyone is happy!

I like the simple things in life okay? I make things hard enough in my own projects, I like the work I do for other people to be straightford, and this project was straightford right down the line.

By the time I spoke to Hayden about the project, somebody else had picked up the character animation (rats!) and it was coming to the end of their rapid project deadline…which was the following Monday. I spoke to him on Thursday.

Suddenly I was not so disappointed at having missed the chance to make more character animations.

I did however get given the task of completing as much of the background and as many of the assets listed that I could and I think I did a pretty great job at it. The brief I was given was that the background should be multi layered (for future parallax effects in game), that it should tile as seamlessly as possible, and that it should use greyscale and give a dark and creepy effect.

background example

A sample of the background – the full sized background is a whopping great 8000 pixels long.

Some shots of the different elements – each element (save obviously, the backdrop) were on transparent layers and offset seamlessly so that they could be put into the parallax system in the game – last I heard, this was wasn’t implemented in time, but it was really simple just to save the flattened version and upload it instead.

(a closer look might just reveal some judicious recycling of assets from a previous project – my habit of hoarding high res version of my own assets once again comes in handy)

The brief also included sprites for a menacing looking set of thorny vines that would be made to move in game – these are pretty self explanatory and were the quickest thing to make.



The final things I had to make were the rune/shine assets – these were the  hardest and what took the longest – I was asked to create three levels of complexity (sadly I only had the time to complete two out of the three levels) and to do several levels of activation – from the grey inactive form to the green fully lit form – there are also other sprites that include a lightly animated glow emanating from these. I also took both the green colour of the activated runes and the pattern of the runes themselves from the monster/golem character created by the other animation student, so as to keep a level of visual cohesion.

I’m not entirely sure how well I succeeded with this, given that I have not actually played the final product, but during the four days of frantic emailing back and forth, Hayden seemed pretty happy with what I did – especially with the backgrounds (which is definitely my favourite part of the whole project – I had a bunch of trouble getting it started until it all came together into one definitely creepy looking forest)





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