Animation Specialisation – Part 2 – Storyboard at last!

Well apparently it is week 5 already and I have no idea how this actually happened

What I do know is that I am already a leeetle bit behind schedule (yeah yeah hands up if you’re actually surprised at this. I’m sure not)


I have however finally finished the storyboard. Seeing it laid out like that…I don’t know whether to be scared of the amount of work I have to do (though, like I’ve mentioned before, it’s broken into more manageable chunks that satisfy the specialisation brief, so if I do start really running out of time, I’m not stuck up the proverbial creek with no paddle) or to be less worried now that I know exactly what I need to do and how.

To be honest it’s a weird mix of ‘I’ve got this!’ confidence and ‘Holy shit, what have I gotten myself into?’ panic flailing.

The whole storyboard process has been interesting – in previous films (I really must see if I have a finished copy of that horrific one I did some time ago, just for the lols) I’ve really half assed the storyboard process and it’s come back to bite me in the ass later. I mean, this is usually the extent of my storyboarding process

tumblr_nvp86xGVLS1sps8d1o2_540 tumblr_nvp86xGVLS1sps8d1o1_540

…and well, it doesn’t quite cut it. It’s a great way to get the initial idea out, but it also disguises all the little extra bits that need to be done.

Which, y’know is exactly why I half ass it. Some kind of messed up self-delusion going on there. Plus hey, this way I don’t have to worry about composition or any of that. Buuuut that comes at a price when you start working on the real film of course, when everything just isn’t quite right, and you spend more time trying to patch it up than you would have if you’d just planned this stuff in the first place!

That said, given time constraints I’m probably not going to get a proper animatic done, I’m going to put that time into doing up a vertical slice. We’ll just have to see how poor a decision this is going to be.

Next: Finally posting those character sheets that are totally, totally done (!) and starting to work on a 3D layout for some background reference.


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