Deer, redux (ANI210.LO03)

Synopsis: Kate hates AfterEffects, defects back to Premiere and has strange flashbacks to a 90s childhood. Or something

So apparently the stress of the end of tri deadline lead me to revert back to my six year old self – aka, EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH PINK. And pretty other colours.

Or maybe I’m just rebelling against everything these days being super ~daaaark and grriiitttty~ and shut up Batman, I liked you better when you were played by Adam West.

But anyway, this took several twists and turns down the path to being completed, and despite the total cheesy idea/colour scheme, I kind of like it now. The deer itself was originally destined for Cave in the Sky but that never worked out, and so it lurked on my hard drive as an example of one of those things that was never going to work, but you liked too much (and put too much effort into) to turf. And hey, it was my first attempt at a bipedal walk cycle, and as a first attempt, I think I did pretty well.

I toyed with adding it to a photographic background, but I decided very quickly it was going to look a whole lot better on a cartoony one – and besides, my original plan of wandering off down the back hill in search of the perfect was put off in favour of letting this dude wander off in peace.


(Neither the biggest, nor the crankiest we’ve ever had, but still not something I am keen on stepping on)

background background elements foreground elements deer keyframes

My list of assets. The background was originally a picture of the Aurora that they saw down in Tassie a few months ago, and the others are something I drew and added a watercolour layer style to because they looked pretty plain all on their own. I used the same deer as I had in my showreel, but just added a much prettier colour too.

I was planning on compositing them all in AfterEffects, and possibly adding some pretty extra stuff (probably stars, to go for maximum twee girly effect :P) but, uh, yeah. We had a minor disagreement.

And by disagreement I quit it in disgust and vowed never to use it again.

But luckily Premiere continued along its merry way as the least annoying video editting program I’ve ever used (we’re not including that one time in Grade 12 when I used Windows Movie Maker to make shitty Sims machinima) and let me smash the layers together into something pretty good looking. The hardest part was working out how fast to make the background and foreground elements move so they didn’t make the deer look like it was cruising along down some forresty travelator of doom.

(Now that I’ve said that, it probably does, but given the last time I tried to do the whole moving background walk cycle, it is a vaaast improvment!)


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