Before and After – ANI210.LO03

So I haven’t really shown much of my work off this tri, in the somewhat misguided belief of ‘I can’t possibly show anyone anything until it’s perfect’

Which as it turns out was rather stupid, because if I had, I might have been able to avoid having the terrible mistake I made seen by all and sundry.

I am of course, speaking of the blatant violation of the First Rule of Walk Cycles, as laid down by Martin Buckingham last tri.

You can see my flagrant transgression right here. Now when I was making and rendering this at *mumble* o’clock yesterday, I remember thinking that there was something just not quiiite right going on, but through a haze of caffeine withdrawal and fatigue I just couldn’t see it.

To hell with it, thought I, and showed it off anyway.

So along comes everyone, and sure, there’s a few jokes at the bandy-leggedness of the character – something else I need to fix, but that will come with an entire re-rigging of the model so bones don’t decide to rotate off at a strange angle. So then along comes Martin, and sadly for me, he spots the problem right off – I’ve screwed up the arms. Normally when people walk, the leading arm is on the opposite side to the leading leg, but nope, I had put both forward leaning arm and leg on the same side. Mea Culpa Martin, Mea Culpa

So this morning I spent half an hour fixing that sucker right up, and what do you know? it looks less weird. Sure, there’s still that bandy legged I-just-got-off-a-horse walk going on, and it kind of has a terminator stomp to the whole thing (maybe that’s a good thing? maybe I’m just inadvertently portraying a don’t-mess-with-me attitude through my animation?)  but my character is no longer doing the walk of shame.


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