I’ve got 99 problems …. – (ANI210.LO08 & ANI210.LO14 )

…and these blogs are one? some? I don’t know.

It’s a stupid song anyway.

Most of the problems I’ve had this tri have been able to be solved by the first commandment of the internet: Just Freakin’ Google It. No clue what I’m actually supposed to be doing for this LO? look the thing up. Why on earth is my 3D model doing *that*? Oh google, how I love thee.  3Ds Max, why are you doing that really annoying thing again? Thank you random guy on the Polycount forums!

(Maybe my real problem is I prefer to spend hours consulting the internet for a solution, whereas it would be much more efficient just to ask for help? Food for thought there, self)

I’ve really been avoiding writing about this for this LO because all of the issues I’ve had have been rediculously simple to fix – and pretty damn boring to read about. For example:

Knowing that there’s a way to flip vert weights from one limb to another:  click the most likely button that says ‘mirror’ – magic! it works.

Wondering why the hell your render has random faces missing when they are clearly there: I have no idea why that happened, but rendering each frame singularly cleared it right up

Don’t have time to fix that model and animate it: make a super quick new model and animate it instead.

Brother is insisting on binge watching all six seasons of Dad’s Army: …briefly consider murder around season four, then decide that headphones and heavy metal is a less messy, time consuming solution 

Have no idea how a deer walks: Youtube to the rescue!

See? Dull as dishwater. I have a million examples of irritating little things like that, and none of them were worth writing a whole blog post about.

So in lieu of another gripping tale of How Kate Defeated 3Ds Max With The Power Of Friendship Google, I present you with a list of personal flaws and how I tried to patch them up.

(thrilling ‘eh?)

Problem: Time management (aha, hello again my old KPI friend). Though, let us actually be honest here – it’s not a time management issue. It’s an issue of needing that Douglas Adams adrenaline rush that stems from an upcoming deadline to get going, and then spending a week and a half forgoing sleep and decent food, mainlining coffee like it was going out of fashion and hate-working until 3am in the morning, and then finally alienating family members by getting into a screaming argument about cheese because you’re too damn tired to be rational.

(I hate to admit that that last part happened on Wednesday night)

Solution: Ugh. Basically cutting the crap and just getting on with it, to be perfectly frank. Retraining one’s brain to not prefer working under stupid self-inflicted conditions. Writing elaborate weekly todo lists and actually freaking sticking to them this time. Rewarding oneself with chocolates and shiny things like one does with a four year old, because to be honest, I’m really just a cranky four year old in a twenty-something’s body. Sticking up silly posters with Shia LaBouf and his infamous catchfrase above one’s computer desk.

All of the above. What works best is a combination of mini-deadlines and actually telling someone about said deadline so you have some degree of accountability to yourself. And then working your butt off to stop asshole brain sabotaging your perfectly good system because deadline junkie!

Problem: Being a pain in the butt perfectionist who doesn’t want to post anything unless it’s ~*perfect*~

Solution: Cut the crap Jan.

(Oh god, I just admitted to watching the Brady Bunch Movie on the internet. Solution? fake death)

No seriously, the solution to this is to just get over myself. I’ve actually been getting heaps better at this – let’s face it, the animations I put up at the screening were…way less than great. But you know what? they were up there, and people saw them, and it wasn’t the end of the world. People even said nice things about some stuff.

(We won’t talk about what happened when Martin came along)

The really short project I did with the Games students was really helpful there too – I didn’t have time to mess around with getting things perfect, I just did it. It went in game and looked perfectly fine, and apparently? if the game lets you set things on fire, everything is great!

…I’m sure that’s not actually the moral of the story here.

Problem: Scope Creep. Aka, Kate takes 11/13 weeks to come up with a great idea, and then Great Idea becomes an odyssey requiring 50 assets and a whole bunch of stuff I don’t even know how to do

Solution: Win the Lotto and hire people to make my great ideas for me.

Seriously though. I think the best solution here is to store up these ideas and their absurd asset lists (I should probably add a picture of one of my famous to do lists) and start doing them at the beginning of a unit. That way, self, you’re prepared with a thing to do, you don’t have to waste time coming up with one (see also: waiting 11 weeks for inspiration to strike – I’m such an ~artist~) and can just get on with the process of making something amazing.

I should really do this for next tri 😉

Problem: The human body is not designed to sit at a computer for ~12 hours a day.

Solution: Hooo boy self, you really need to get onto fixing this one. Ways you know you’re apparently an adult: all nighters aren’t fun any more. They suck and they hurt.

Apparently the next three weeks are going to be filled with sorting this actual, entirely too real and painful problem out, and then applying aforementioned time management skills to prevent having to spend ~12 hours a day on the computer.

(investing in a decent ergonomic setup might help too!)

Problem: You have nothing concrete to write about for problem solving LOs

Solution: Write 1000 words of self indulgent gumph in a bid to disguise this fact.


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