Games Project – Stop, Asset Time! (ANI210.LO21 +ANI210.LO18)

In the previous blog post (this sounds like one of those ‘last week in !dramatic show openings…) I went over the concept art I produced for the cross-discipline project I worked on with the Games students. Luckily my concepts were approved pretty quickly, and I could move on with creating assets for the game – which ended up being titled ‘Sibter-fuge’

(and I thought my puns were really bad)

Initially I was asked to produce a walk animation and a ‘use’ animation for the characters. Due to the limitations that Hayden and Nick put on the game, these animations only use two frames to get the action they’re supposed to depict across. This was both great from a production standpoint for me (Two frames is sooo much more manageable than six for a walk for example) but it also made it a bit of a pain when it came to actually getting them to look good


(initial movement tests from left to right is the older kid walk, twin walk and twin use movements)

These were apparently exactly what was needed (despite what was later to be dubbed by the other animators ‘the terminator walk’) so I started with adding the characters over the top.

Bad-Twin-Walk-Cycle-small Bad-Twin-use-action-small Good-Twin-Walk-Cycle-small good-twin-use-item-small big-kid-walk-cycle-small big-kid-use-small

(First batch of animations for game)

These aren’t to scale – for the game they were exported at full size (1850 – 1900 tall for the elder brother, and 1500 tall for the younger siblings) and were uploaded to the google drive as PNG frames as this was the optimum format for importing into the game engine.

After these were done, Hayden and Nick released a second list of animations that were needed – centering around the older brother.  They needed a shocked, a shouting and a cleaning animation for him, in the same format as before.

older-brother-shouting-small big-kid-cleaning-small shocked-small

I was also asked to set up idle animations for all three characters, along with an animation that combined the walk and the use cycle. (thankfully this was a really easy case of just smushing the two halves together and fixing up the strange artifacts around the waist that resulted)

twin-one-idle-small Twin-One-Walk-and-Use-small twin-two-idle-small twin-two-walk-and-use-small walk-and-use-small big-kid-idle-small

At the end of the project, I was also asked to provide sprites for the parents, and a very quick, storyboard esque intro for the game

father base Mother Base intro strip

I’m not really happy with the storyboard/comic/intro – it’s nowhere near as good as I could have made it if I’d had the time, but I was only asked to produce it a day or so out from the playtest where it was desperately needed and, well, apparently the others thought it was perfectly useable, so hey. Who am I to argue?

Going on from here, I don’t know if Hayden and Nick intend to continue working on the game in the last two weeks of tri – if they do, I definitely intend to fix the the monstrosity that is the comic strip, add a end comic strip and add to the parent sprites (give them several animations). If not, well, that’s plenty of time for me to panic-work on other projects!


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