CIU 111 – Reflective Blog – Social Media

Social Media. I take back everything I said about how fraught the relationship between artists and critics.

That’s got nothing on the emotions that run high whenever the dreaded Social Media Beast rears its head.

Once again, I think a couple of very different issues have become confused (with not a little of the Big Data concerns from the previous post thrown in, and a hint of the critic/review subject to boot) to conflagrate this into a very touchy subject.

The advent of the internet has irrevocably changed the way we work for everyone, but especially the creative types. So much of our networking now happens online, and our portfolios, once only seen by people we deliberately sought out, can now be seen by millions.

(While this does have its disadvantages, it has one great one for the starving artist – with the cost of printing + postage? there’s no way we could financially sustain a job hunt in anything but our own local ponds)

As in with the subject of reviews, I think the trick with social media is to disconnect emotion from it. Keep your personal accounts personal – your clients don’t need to see you trash-talking the latest season of Game of Thrones, and you’ll definitely need somewhere to vent about the frustrating thing that person you’re working for did)

The internet is full of people and articles telling you that they hold the secret to social media success and in all honestly? The only magical solution to social media, is you sticking to the parts that work from you. If you’re really really good at wrangling with the character limit on Twitter? Go for it! Hate Tumblr? Then don’t use it! The one thing none of these articles tell you is that if you despise a platform, then you’re never going to be able to force yourself to use it effectively.

All this said though, really? as an artist? All you really need is an online portfolio and an email address. Keep a check on the email, and update the portfolio every time you come up with a new piece of work.


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