3D Modelling Pipeline – Week 4 (A Highlight in the History of 3D + A an Inspiring Practitioner ) – MDU 115

As an animator hoping to specialise in hand-drawn, 2D animation, I come to this subject (and class) from a slightly different angle to my peers. I much prefer the more cartoony look of Pixar and Disney work over the more hyper realistic style that seems to inhabit the games world.

That said, this class has made me appreciate the actual process of creating a 3D model more and – I am loathe to admit this – actually enjoy it.  With these two facts in mind, it’s entirely predictable that I should choose to talk about the very modern innovation that has carved out a new style in 3D animation – the Meander system that has lead to the creation of the Disney shorts, Paperman and Feast.

A frame from the 2014 Disney short ‘Feast’

Meander allows for the worlds of 3D and 2D animation to collide, creating an amazing effect that blends both the speed and relative ease of 3D animation (I can attest to the absurdly labour intensive nature of 2D animation!) and the visual style of the old hand animated films. I see this as a way to continue pursuing my love of the 2D style with the (sadly!) far higher likelihood of getting employment as a 3D animator. Both short films made in this style have received Academy Awards in the Animated Short category, which makes the chances of a feature film being made in this style all the higher, which in turn could lead to more stylistic innovations in a field that creates fabulous stories – but may be getting a little stale in its style choices.

(A great demonstration of this technique!)

On the other hand, when it comes to picking a practitioner of 3D modelling/animation, I choose to pick from a wide array of up and coming indie artists, affiliated with neither film or game studio, but rather working on their own projects. Chelsea of Pixelated Crown is one such 3D artist, currently working on her own game Babi Glo. As much as I would love to work for a big studio, I have a number of personal projects that I’d love to see made, and the best way I could achieve this is by simply making them myself. I’m a huge fan of her simple, cel shaded style, and adorable character models, and look forward to seeing more work (and hopefully a finished game!) in the future.

She can be found at pixelatedcrown.tumblr.com


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